Company Overview

Oclaro, Inc. is one of the world's largest suppliers of optical components, modules and subsystems for the global optical communications market and into industrial and consumer laser applications. Through in-house development and a series of strategic acquisitions and mergers, the company maintains one of the most extensive and vertically-integrated product portfolios in the fiber optics industry.


Innovations in our industry are changing the way we live, enabling new applications such as social media, cloud computing, VoIP and video streaming. We are transforming enterprises with new technologies to improve productivity and collaboration. And the power of lasers is even transforming medicine, enabling minimally invasive, life-saving surgeries and more. Lasers are also at the forefront of consumer electronics innovation with new user interfaces that bring gaming and entertainment to a new level for the world's consumers. With our combined heritage of 30 years of optical technology innovation, Oclaro is accelerating this transformation with the products and expertise to advance the performance of optical communications and industrial and consumer lasers and change the way people work, live and play.

Market Focus

Oclaro is focused on two very large markets where our vertical integration, vast product portfolio, global presence and expertise have positioned the company to become the industry's preferred partner for optical solutions.

Optical Communications

Core Optical Network

The core optical network is at the heart of the Internet highway that provides the bandwidth, speed, reach and flexibility to run new and exciting applications. Oclaro supplies the optical components, modules and subsystems needed in this optical communications market, and we are leading the fastest growing 40G and 100G segments with subsystems, line-side modules, client-side modules and components.

Enterprise Networks and Data Centers

Oclaro maintains a complete portfolio of products targeted directly at data communications for enterprise and data centers. This includes 10/40/100G components and transceiver modules for short and long reach.

Product Portfolio

Oclaro's broad product portfolio covers terminal (transmit and receive components, transponders) applications as well as data communications and industrial and consumer lasers. Our offerings are vertically integrated from chips to components, transponders and subsystems to deliver significant cost and performance advantages to our customers.

Worldwide Support and Manufacturing Strength

To provide strong and localized customer support across the globe, Oclaro maintains R&D and product/sales support in Europe, Japan, U.S. and China. Our worldwide manufacturing operations leverage innovation and vertical integration to provide customers with flexibility and faster time to market. We combine in-house and outsourced manufacturing to maximize flexibility and drive improved gross margin through economies of scale. We operate R&D and chip fabrication facilities in the U.S., U.K., Italy, Korea and Japan and in-house and contract manufacturing sites in China, Malaysia and Thailand with design, sales and service organizations in each of the major regions around the world.